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Protective Face Mask with PM 2.5 Filter
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Super Soft Fabric
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Blocks Airborne Contaminants
Reusable Mask & Replaceable Filter
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Masks are made from 100% cotton.
Filters are made from 100% polyester.

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Wash & Care
Masks are reusable and should be washed with medium-high heat, then line dried to prevent shrinking.
Filters are not reusable and should not be washed.

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Protective masks are one-size masks with adjustable ear loops to ensure a snug fit.

Due to massive demand, please expect this to ship between 10-15 days from your order.

Orders are shipped on a first come first serve basis from either our warehouse outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania or from San Bernardino, California.

We are continuing to work on restocking our masks in more colors.

The PM in PM2.5 refers to particulate matter, also known as particle pollution. This term describes extremely small solid particles and liquid droplets suspended in air.

The 2.5 refers to the 2.5 micron measurement (and smaller) of particles that these filters are designed to capture. These PM2.5 particles are so small they can get inhaled deep into the lungs and absorbed into the bloodstream.

While our mask contains a PM2.5 filter, this mask is not intended fully filter out all particles smaller than 2.5 microns that you may encounter. 

This NOT an N-95 mask, surgical mask, or for medical use. The use of this face covering is not a guarantee against infection or the transmission of viruses or diseases and SHOULD be used in addition to practicing CDC recommendations on handwashing and social distancing. This is a personal use item and cannot be returned.

Keeping It Simple

Cloth Face Covers

Double-layered cloth face covers with comfort stretch ear loops ensure a flush fit around the nose and mouth. These masks should be washed before reusing to minimize risk of contamination.

Staying Safe

Wear a Cloth Face Cover

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How does it spread

The virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person, through close contact (less than 6 feet).

The virus spreads through tiny respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or even talks.

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Staying Safe

Avoid Close Contact

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Staying Safe

Cover coughs and sneezes

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What the Filter

PM2.5 — Super Tiny Particles

Each of our filtered masks include a PM2.5 filter with the mask. PM2.5 means that the filter is rated to filter particles that are 2.5 micrometers small.

This is smaller than pollen, and about 3% of the width of human hair.

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Staying Safe

Wash Your Hands

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Staying Safe

Clean and Disinfect

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