The Executive Mask


55,000 and counting masks donated to Meals on Wheels, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit supporting seniors nationwide. Purchases of this mask contribute to mask donations.


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Super Soft Fabric
Shipped From Pennsylvania, USA
Blocks Airborne Contaminants
Reusable Mask & Replaceable Filter

Inspired by the ties and scarves we used to wear in the office, back when we went to offices.

Super Soft & Comfortable

We created the Executive Mask with high quality 100% cotton material featuring subtle, elegant patterns that fits comfortably around your nose and face. Our smooth and breathable fabric helps you stay cool.

Protect Yourself & Protect Others

The mask also comes with filter pocket and replaceable carbon and polyester PM2.5 filter. 
The activated carbon protects you from small particles in the air, so you can feel safe beginning the return to normal.

Reusable & Washable

Disposable masks create waste and can get costly. Our masks are machine-washable which is good for the environment and your wallet. Please replace the recyclable filter after 1 week of use.

Meets CDC Recommendations

The CDC is recommending everyone wear non-medical cloth face coverings in public settings. If you're looking for a stylish, functional statement piece, this is your mask.

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Knit masks are made from 100% cotton with a premium woven pattern.
Filters are made from 100% polyester.

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Wash & Care
Knit masks are reusable and should be washed with medium-low heat, then line dried to prevent shrinking.
Filters are not reusable and should not be washed.

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Knit masks are available with adjustable ear loops to ensure a snug fit.
Measurements: 7" x 5"

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Orders are shipped on a first come first serve basis from either our warehouse outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania or from San Bernardino, California.

We are continuing to work on restocking our masks in more colors.

The PM in PM2.5 refers to particulate matter, also known as particle pollution. This term describes extremely small solid particles and liquid droplets suspended in air.

The 2.5 refers to the 2.5 micron measurement (and smaller) of particles that these filters are designed to capture. These PM2.5 particles are so small they can get inhaled deep into the lungs and absorbed into the bloodstream.

While our mask contains a PM2.5 filter, this mask is not intended fully filter out all particles smaller than 2.5 microns that you may encounter. 

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Should I Even Be Wearing A Face Mask? I Feel Fine.

Doing Good In A Brave New World

Why Brave New Look Is Making Masks

We're not healthcare workers, nor are we essential to feeding the public, but one thing we do know is how to make great quality apparel.

We feel that the best way we could contribute is to repurpose our skills and supply chain to help people like our families get good quality, well-made masks that they can use every day.