Protective Non-Medical Face Mask Replacement Filters Bulk Order

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Super Soft Fabric
Made in the USA
Blocks Airborne Contaminants
Reusable Mask, Washer Friendly

Replace filters after one week of use.

Each protective mask includes 1 filter with your purchase. Filters are not washable. In areas of high particulate exposure, filters should be replaced more frequently.

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Masks are made from 100% cotton.
Filters are made from 100% polyester.

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Wash & Care
Masks are reusable and should be washed with medium-high heat, then line dried to prevent shrinking.
Filters are not reusable and should not be washed.

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Protective masks are one-size masks with adjustable ear loops to ensure a snug fit.

This item is in-stock and will ship the next business day.

Orders are shipped on a first come first serve basis from either our warehouse outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania or from San Bernardino, California.

We are continuing to work on restocking our masks in more colors.

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should i even be wearing a face mask? i feel fine.


Should I Even Be Wearing A Face Mask? I Feel Fine.

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Testimonials & Reviews

The adult mask is the first cloth mask that has fit me properly. I’m thrilled. They’ve either been too small or too big. This was the first to fit well, feels well-made, and I don’t mind wearing one bit.

Kurt Elster, Host of the Unofficial Shopify Podcast
Kurt Elster, The Unofficial Shopify Podcast